Thursday, 13 July 2017

Warning, I'm bored

Changes are afoot.

I haven't known where I'm going with this blog for a long time. I don't like what it's become as it's not me anymore, not sure it ever was completely. Those who know me know my Aspi brain likes things in themes and order. This blog has moved far from its origins and I’ve had tried to get it back but I’ve slowly come to realised that in the time I’ve had this blog I’ve also moved on. I've tried to make it traditional witchy as it once was but my heart keeps leaping into flights of fancy too often to keep that up. I've tried to make it all whimsy Halloween and fantasy but I have qualms of about witches just being linked with Halloween. I keep trying to get away and start different blogs, but I always drift back here, this is home. Some of my new blogs I like and will stay, they fit different themes like my dolls and crafting which can move from here to be just use as and when but I'm still back here, searching for an everyday blogging home, a home that represents me, not a stereotype public image of a witch.

I keep taking posts out, then putting them back in, trying different looks. I love the colour black but I'll never be a truly dark witch even if it matches my mood perfectly sometimes. Black makes a dash of colour dance. I like vintage and modern. My heart and soul was born witchy. I treasure the old ways, yet also happy to dance with the new. This witchy home needs to either move into the 21st century, mix old and new and come complete with cactus, dinosaurs and flamingo's if it's going to represent me. Time to redecorate, move this blog forward and take another of these damn masks off. I wear so many trying to fit in with everyone else it gets tiring.

Hopefully someone may still visit. Lots of changing and redecorating ahead.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Patience will bring its own book rewards

So looking forward to this book, Flowerpaedia by Cheralyn Darcey, coming out but got to be patient and wait till June in the UK.

Still that waiting time is shorter than the Faerie Handbook produced by The Editors of Faerie Magazine as that sadly won't reach this side of the pond till November.

On the bright side I'll get a summer of flowers and hopefully the Faeries will reach here by winter.

Waited patiently, June has came round and Amazon are now saying the Flowerpaedia won't be available in the UK until September. Arggg, I really do my best to be patient, especially when I don't have any other choice but right now I feel more like stamping my foot and having a sulk. The sulky look really isn't good for a witch. Good job I don't have any flying monkey's to hand.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

In Memory of - Clare Hollingworth 1911 - 2017

Clare Hollingworth died yesterday, aged 105.

Why have I never heard of this women until her death was announced on the news? She was a remarkably lady who had a fascinating life. She was the first reporter to write on the invasion that became WW2, she went on to not only become a renowned war correspondent, covering conflicts from Algeria to Vietnam, Poland to India. She also played an important role in helping to save an estimated 3,000 people from the Nazi regime.

This is exactly the sort of role model we should be showing our young people and who should be taught and talk about in schools. She is not the only one of course. While men and great events stride through history lessons, the women seem to be add on only as footnotes in history if they are mentioned at all. Yet we've had female scientists, explorers, writers etc through our history and they do deserve to be recognised.

Read more about her story.

Clare Hollingworth: British War Correspondent dies aged 105 - BBC Link

Clare Hollingworth is thanked by those she rescued - BBC Link

 Clare Hollingworth on the Egyptian side of Suez 1968

Clare Hollingworth in Beijing 1971
 Clare Hollingworth OBE
10th of October1911 - 10th of January 2017

Friday, 16 September 2016

Loving Purple

Ahem, you may have noticed I'm feeling the love for the colour purple at the moment. Here are a few of the home wares that have caught my eye on a night time stroll around Pinterest. 

I think the last one is a bit too much purple even for me, with walls, carpet and ceiling matching. There really is too much of a good thing but I do love the bed.